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Ways #ToBeRecruited: Have a great relationship with your high school coach. MANY recruiting calls will go through him/her.
Ways #ToBeRecruited: Play for a quality AAU program. These coaches will help you & the tournaments you play in can enhance your recruiting.
Ways #ToBeRecruited: Player development first, playing games second! Both are important but development is FIRST PRIORITY! #NeverGoodEnough
Ways #ToBeRecruited: Compete with a chip on your shoulder! Whether it’s open gym, a shooting drill, or a conditioning sprint..play to WIN!
Ways #ToBeRecruited: Live in the weight room. The next level is bigger, faster & stronger! “College-ready” athletes = scholarships!
Ways #ToBeRecruited: Give off positive energy! Cheer on teammates, give high 5’s & be the first to pick a team member up! #BeAGreatTeammate
Ways #ToBeRecruited: Represent yourself positively on all forums – On the floor, in the classroom & community, and on social media.
Ways #ToBeRecruited: Have a “motor” that never stops. College coaches recruit talented players who can “go” every possession!