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Frequently Asked Questions

It is as simple as sending us an email or giving us a call. Most of the time, high school coaches have additional questions such as asking about required camp numbers and inquiring about open dates. We will answer your questions and find available dates that work well for your program.
We conduct the camp at whatever time works best for you and your athletes. We just need four consecutive hours for each day of camp. We have started camps as early as 5:30 in the morning and as late as 6:00 pm. A majority of our camps run from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm but we have no preference. Our staff of college coaches will accommodate you and your program.
We have you fill out a pre-camp questionnaire which asks many “program-specific” questions. We then develop the camp curriculum based on your answers. If you need to work on team-rebounding, then we make sure the camp is loaded with progression drills that will help your athletes become better at rebounding. Motion offense, we help with that. Screening, passing, defending ball-screens, we help on these specific areas as well. Whether your athletes need help on their perimeter shot, ball-handling, or transition offense/defense, we will help them specifically on their needs based on your answers on the pre-camp questionnaire. This has made our camp incredibly successful over the years and is the reason why we provide the best in off-season development!
Our staff of college coaches is VERY GOOD at keeping the camp environment focused and competitive with a wide range of talents and abilities. Most smaller schools elect to invite some or all of their junior high athletes while larger enrollment schools often times only invite their 8th-12th or 9th-12th grade athletes. We leave the invitation process SOLELY up to you.
Often times there is interest from both the boys and girls program at the same high school. When this is the case we conduct two separate camps over the same set of days; one session with the boys and one session with the girls. On occasion, at small schools, we will allow coaches to combine both girls and boys in the same session.
We require a $100 deposit to hold the camp dates. We do not require registrations or payments to be sent in advance. We make this process as simple as possible.
We work incredibly hard to accommodate your date requests. The earlier you inquire about dates, the better chance the date is still available. We will not overbook because we refused to compromise the quality of our product. Our 3-day camps are scheduled in blocks of M-W or Th-Sat (with some exceptions around Memorial Day and the 4th of July). Our 2-day and 1-day camps can be scheduled nearly anytime. We ask that you have a few date options when you email/call us. June fills up the quickest!
Our staff consists of over 70 college coaches throughout the country. We also staff college players who really help connect with high school players which allows us to make an even larger impact. The quality of our staff is second to none. Take a look at our staff page to view some of the 70+ college coaches who work for Midwest Elite Basketball.
Our average camper to coach ratio is 8:1 though many camps have 7:1 or even 6:1. Just like we do not want our campers standing around at camp, we also do not want our coaches standing around. This is why we don’t overstaff. Our college coaches are comfortable working with upwards of a dozen players per coach on a daily basis at their respective college programs.
Over the past nine summer the average number of campers at each camp is just under 20. We have conducted camps with nearly 100 campers as well. There is no maximum as long as your facilities can accommodate the camp. We will staff according to the number of campers attending. No matter if there are 16 campers, 25, 50, or close to 100, every camp is conducted with a great deal of personal instruction and progression. Our college coaches call each athlete by name and work hard to build a rapport with each camper. We take a lot of pride in the little things and this is the reason why we make such a big impact on student-athletes around the country.
Go talk to your high school coach, lead them to www.midwestelitebasketball.com and have them contact us to setup a camp date so we can come and work with you and your teammates in YOUR gym!