Ways NOT to be Recruited Archives » Midwest Elite Basketball
Ways #NotToBeRecruited: Play for the name on the back of your jersey rather than the name on the front
Ways #NotToBeRecruited: Arguing with officials over missed or questionable calls
Ways #NotToBeRecruited: Pouting or showing lousy body language on the bench because you are not playing
Ways #NotToBeRecruited: Not communicating on defense AND/OR being afraid or unwilling to step over and take a charge!
Ways #NotToBeRecruited: Wearing a different warmup/head phones, dancing or acting like an idiot while in the layup line #NegativeAttention
Ways #NotToBeRecruited: Not being engaged/focused on your coach during timeouts and team huddles.
Ways #NotToBeRecruited: Putting nonsense on Twitter. Social media reveals your brand. Be professional at all times.