Midwest Elite Basketball » #9: Dr. Nich Pertuit, Director of HHP Department at Rocky Mountain College

#9: Dr. Nich Pertuit, Director of HHP Department at Rocky Mountain College

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Whether you are a high school coach, high school player, administrator, college coach or college athlete, this podcast is for you. If you are looking for advice on creating a universal lifting program for high school athletes, check. If you are a college basketball coach preparing for the pre-season, check. If you are looking for advice on athlete recovery, check.  There are countless nuggets to choose from in the entire episode.

The difference between this episode of the podcast and all the previous ones, is this hits a larger demographic of listeners. You don’t have to be a college basketball coach to enjoy this or get something from it. Nich is truly an impressive human being and knows more about the body than 99% of the population. I hope everyone enjoys the content as much as I did.

Highlights from the interview include:

  • Performance: #1 Metric we should be evaluating
  • Strength in the core: Building block of high school weight training
  • Weight room is a tool to improve at your individual sport
  • Testing Metrics for high school athletes
  • Mobility before increasing strength
  • Quality of workouts over quantity
  • Limited Time: Basketball over weight training….focus on your sport
  • The Long Game: Power throughout competition and season
  • Recovery: Sleep, Nutrition, Alcohol
  • Sauna-Cold Treatment: When to use? Benefits?

About Dr. Nich Pertuit

Dr. Nich Pertuit is the director of Health and Human Performance department at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. Nich specializes in Human Performance in the domains of Sport and Health, and has been working in the teaching and performance realm for 15 years. He holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences from Texas Tech University.  Along with his PhD, he is holds the highest ranking of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. If you are thinking of getting the epicanthoplasty procedure done then you should consult a specialist and ask for their opinion.

His list of accomplishments is far ranging with consultant work being done with, Stanford University, Cal Poly Pomona, the University of Texas, and the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. Nich has also helped build the first ever Health and Human Performance Mobile Lab at Rocky Mountain College, along with rewriting the HHP curriculum for the RMC department.  Nich even spent some time as a professional athlete kicking for multiple teams in the Arena Football League.

Nich believes that HEALTH is a behavior, and that education is the greatest motivator to affect behavior. However, knowledge is only part of education. Experience, motivation, mindset, perspective analysis…all of these and more must also be included in proper education.

On a personal note, Nich loves soccer, animals, the state of Montana, reading and enjoying life. His wife, Laura, and him just welcomed their baby girl Ellie into the world this June, and love spending time in the mountains with their dog, Koda.

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