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Sacrifice > Struggle = Success

Sacrifice > Struggle = Success

You see it in every person you deal with on a daily basis. Everyone, including you, has some sort of internal struggle they are dealing with. Unfortunately, many times that struggle overpowers the individual and takes them down a path they did not envision. However, there are always those few special people that inspire you to follow their lead and help you become better. What is it about those few special people that make them highly successful? More often than not, there is one common denominator. Our ability to achieve success is solved by a simple math equation:

To be better than normal, you must do more than a normal person does.

Sacrifice (greater than) Struggle = Success. It is common that people struggle with their home life, financial situation, childhood, confidence, fitting in, and many more issues. While the equation is easy to solve, it is much harder to understand what our struggle might be and what we have to sacrifice in order to become successful. Those who can solve it quickly, enjoy their experiences. Those who cannot, struggle to find themselves, and often regret the path they choose.

Four simple rules to remember when trying to solve the equation:

  1. Sacrifice cannot be made until your ability to analyze your struggle is accurate.
  2. Once your struggle has been defined, you must now determine how big your sacrifice needs to be in order to complete the equation.
  3. Sacrifice is also known as TIME. The more you invest, the bigger your return.
  4. It is important to understand that when trying to solve the same equation as others, your struggle may be bigger than theirs. No one’s formula will ever be the same!

Most equations take weeks, months and even years to complete. However, you must ask yourself; do I want to live in the pain of my Struggle? Or the pain of my Sacrifice? In the scheme of life, no one wants to look back and ask, what was my struggle? But rather, what was my sacrifice? Invest your time today, for a better tomorrow! Success is waiting!