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Midwest Elite Basketball 2012 Satellite Camp Mailings

7,000 High School Coaches in Midwest to Receive Sendouts

While college coaches are focused on their respective seasons, they are also on the recruiting trail constantly looking for commitments from student-athletes who will help them in the future.

A large majority of high school coaches are also teachers of academic subjects. This means that while preparing for the next conference game is important, so is preparing the next test, correcting hundreds of papers, and prioritizing the academic success of each and every student that steps into their classroom.

Without a staff of full-time assistant coaches, high school coaches are forced to multi-task about as well as anyone, in any industry. Midwest Elite Basketball (MEB) is asking that over 7,000 coaches in the 12-state Midwest region also take time to look at their program’s summer basketball plans for 2012 and look at what MEB has to offer.

Midwest Elite Basketball is sending out their annual 2012 letter and brochure to thousands of high school coaches around the Midwest this week. According to MEB Co-Owners Craig Doty and Brad Schmit, this is one of the most exciting times of the year.

“With the launching of our new website, the design of our 2012 brochures, and the hiring of more outstanding college coaches, we cannot be more excited to offer our satellite camps in 2012,” Doty said. “We ran 94 camps last summer and look forward to getting on the road to conduct camps at schools all over the Midwest this off-season.”

MEB will travel its staff of over 45 college coaches to a maximum of 120 schools this summer to conduct their patented, “Satellite Camps.” Having worked at rural schools with an enrollment as little as 50 students and having worked at city-schools with enrollment in the thousands, MEB builds excitement in programs, advances the skill-sets of each camper, and help builds team chemistry by promoting communication, positive-leadership, discipline, and hard work.

“As the emails and calls pour in we get more and more excited each day. We schedule programs that are fresh off state championships and programs that are young and rebuilding. There is no program too big or too small for a Midwest Elite Basketball camp. No matter where your program is, our college coaches will advance your squad and help take it to the next level. Best yet, we bring the camp to you and for a price that is trivial in comparison to other camps around the country,” said Schmit.

For high school coaches, there is no better way to advance their program than to have a group of college coaches come in, reinforce their philosophy, advance their athletes’ individual talent, and provide a secondary voice which is truly beneficial. Midwest Elite Basketball does all of this and more!

If you would like to schedule a camp or if you have any questions please email [email protected] or call (712) 212-1144. For more information go to www.midwestelitebasketball.com

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