Midwest Elite Basketball » TeamMEB Coach Spotlight: Aaron Losing

TeamMEB Coach Spotlight: Aaron Losing

TeamMEB Coach Spotlight: Aaron Losing


Name: Aaron Losing

Position: Girls Basketball Coach

Team: Crofton Lady Warriors (NE)

Hometown: Alpena, SD

Colleges Attended & Degrees Earned: Mount Marty College, Secondary Education in Social Studies


Why did you become a coach? I have always loved sports and had a great appreciation for those who coached me. Coaching seemed like a great way to stay involved in athletics and to influence young peoples lives in a positive way.


Who influenced you the most as a coach? My High School Basketball Coach, Paul Raasch, was someone who motivated me to work hard as an athlete.  I was an assistant coach under Ryan Raabe for one season.  Those two influenced me the most as a coach I would say.


Biggest obstacle you have faced as a coach? The time commitment it takes to be a successful athlete and coach is tremendous.  Having a family and trying to balance family/time commitments and still run a successful program can be challenging.


What does high school basketball mean to you? High School basketball is a great place for kids to learn how to become successful adults.  Dealing with success and failure along with praise and criticism in a productive manner can be challenging in today’s society. High School athletics is still a great place for kids to learn those lessons.


Best advice you can give to student-athletes? Work Harder than you think you can for your teammates. Your athletics career is only a short blip in your lifetime. Make the most of it and be a great teammate.


Best advice you can give to aspiring basketball coaches? Be consistent with your approach. Learn as much as you can when you are younger and ask questions to experienced coaches you know. Be flexible, but be consistent in your approach at the same times. Don’t waiver on your beliefs and structure because of failure or criticism from the outside world.


If you could spend one day with a person (past or present) who would it be and why? My wife, Mary. My almost 2 year old daughter, Emma. And my soon to be born second child. (Due in Late March)